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Retainer Fee                                                                                  

(Non-refundable. To be sent with initial medical records to be reviewed.)
Initial Consultation/Examination of patient

Medical/Legal Report following examination

Case/Chart Review, Pre-trial preparation, Research

Telephone Consultation

Consultation with Counsel

Physician Deposition: Deposition Preparation,
Deposition, and Review of Deposition.

More than 15 min rounded up to the next hour.                       
Time begins at prearranged time of deposition.

Transportation time to and from office to remote location

**Appearance in court: Detention time                                      
Payable in advance and forfeited if court appearance 

is canceled with less than 5 business days advance notice. 


*Amount above $750/hr donated to Plasticos Foundation, a non-profit organization (State code 2034)


**Court Appearance fee must be paid in full not less than 10 business days prior to the scheduled date of court appearance. An appearance will not be scheduled without prepayment.


Deposition fee is payable in full 10 days prior to the scheduled deposition: in any case, less than 5 business days advance notice of cancellation will require full payment of prior scheduled deposition or court appearance. Payment for additional unanticipated deposition time is due within 7 days of the invoice. All fees not paid within 7 days of the invoice will also be charged 1.5% per month delinquency.


Fees are subject to change with 30-day notice.


The above fees do not include other costs; including travel, parking, photocopying, FAX, mail & delivery charges or any other out-of-pocket expenses. Such expenses are billed at cost. We do not accept any type of lien. Our fee schedule is in compliance with the California Code of Civil Procedure, Section: 2034 as last Modified January 12, 2009.

Updated 1/2020




$750.00 per hour                       

$750.00 per hour

$750.00 per hour

$1,500.00 per hour



$750.00 per hour

$7,500.00 per half day (4 hours)

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